Practical Guide For Vitalizing Your 7 Energy Centers

Energy Bodies

Understanding and Healing the Human Energy Field

The Four Subtle Energy Bodies Of consciousness is what defines your personality, your perception, your direction in life, and your soul’s expression and are know as the causal or spiritual, the mental, the emotional and the etheric bodies.

Your Aura is the energetic skin which holds all you inner energy bodies and outer body together.

Your energy chakras are like the pores in the energy skin which regulate the flow of universal energy into and out of the body.

The Human Energy Field is always receiving energy from the universe.  This energy sustains your entire existence: body, mind, and emotions.  This energy flows into your chakras and aura.  This flow determines the vibrance of your health.

The Auric Body is the body consciousness and awareness and the auric layer is the representation of the chakra interacting in the aura.

Beyond the physical body and the subtle energy bodies and the uninhibited flow of this subtle energy maintains the physical body.  Therefore, knowledge of the extended human energy field – your Aura and Chakra – is imperative for improving you health and well-being.