Practical Guide For Vitalizing Your 7 Energy Centers

THROAT: Purifying & Illuminating Our Spoken Word


Fifth Energy Center:  Throat

Lower Mental Auric Body – Ether Element

The space beyond the Earth– in the air, water and fire is vibration and sound, which are the ethereal elements of Visuddha.  The given name to the throat chakra, Visuddha (which radiates blue & turquoise) is Sanskrit for the process of purification.  

This ethereal energy extends outward from the core of all life and creates a matrix for the blueprint of the past, present and future.  The element of vibration and sound are made audible through our senses of hearing.  When we purify what we hear for our highest good, the 16 petals of the lotus unfold to include the neck, throat, ears, voice and part of the immune system.  When it is fully operating, we uphold the highest aspects of universal truth and peace.

Through the process of purification, our true path emerges and we gain access to higher planes of consciousness.  Our radiance increases and the sound quotient of our ethereal body is quickened.  The magnetic forces of the ascension process guide us closer to our visions and dreams that we hold in our consciousness.

By following this creative expression path, our thyroid and parathyroid are affected and responsible for many aspects of metabolism, body heat and growth.  





Mixing The Energy Centers With The Auric Bodies & Essential Elements Effective Communication

“Sound… is that by which the existence of the ether is known.”