?> SOLAR PLEXUS: Strengthen & Stabilizing Our Vital Core, Igniting Our Internal Flame, Charging One’s Will & Transforming Our Energy | The Journey Through The 7 Layers Of JEN By Exploring The Human Body & Energy Centers

Practical Guide For Vitalizing Your 7 Energy Centers

SOLAR PLEXUS: Strengthen & Stabilizing Our Vital Core, Igniting Our Internal Flame, Charging One’s Will & Transforming Our Energy

Third Energy Center:  Solar Plexus

Fire Element – Vital Auric Body (Spiritual Body)

All roads lead home to Manipura (in Sanskrit, “lustrous gem, radiant like a sun”).

Golden yellow Manipura, which is located just above the navel, fortifies our solar plexus with power and warmth.  When it is fully charged, we are peaceful, harmonious, courageous and ethical.

The Solar Plexus, with the element of fire, ignites our internal flames to create energy from food we eat and to distribute the nutrients where they are needed.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, we are consumed by a mysterious and powerful inner calling to travel closer to the flame of our spiritual self.  By focusing on this flame, we can unlock the records (akasha) of our soul and reveal the true purpose of our journey.  Through the fires of creation, we can transmute the illusions before us, purify our intentions and transform our energy into creative expressions of true light.

Through the process of purification, our true path emerges and we gain access to higher planes of consciousness.  Our radiance is increased and the light quotient of our spiritual body is quickened.  The magnetic forces of the ascension process guide us closer to the heart of all that is.

One represents unity, primacy, the first, the best, the only, it has no divisors, no factors, no components, it is universal, whole and complete.

One is independent of all other numbers, is the source of all other numbers. In this sense it represents God as the beginning and the end, the prime impulse, the source of creation. One usually represents God, His sovereign rule, His omnipotence, His supremacy, His unique character.

One excludes all differences for there is no second with which it can either harmonize or conflict. Thus one can also represent harmony, unity or peace but because of its reference to God it also means harmony, unity or peace with God.

In Numerology, 1’s key word is Courage; its symbol, a flame.  It radiates the color of a flame and sings the musical note of C.  Gemstones and minerals that vibrate to 1 are aquamarine, moss agate, turquoise, and copper.  Its flower is lilac.  The 1 is a strong, independent symbol representing a true channel for the Word of God.  1 stands with its two feel firmly on the ground, its head in the clouds, listening only to the voice of the inner teacher.

In Numerology, JEN is 1+5+5=11

5 (the sum of all vowels) = Hearts Desire

6 (the sum of all consonants) = Personality

11 (the sum of both vowels and consonants) = Destiny

As a 5, JEN’s Hearts Desire is to be free from the old tapes and unconscious programming that has accumulated from others’ value systems and ideas of what is important in life.  The goal is to be free to choose to live in the moment.  While 5’s may have a strong desire to travel everywhere and experience everything,  they may also have a tug on their heart to have the adventure of a true commitment in staying put.  It all becomes a matter of choice.  No path is superior to another, as long as the choice is in their able hands and they realize that “mistakes” are nothing more than other experiences.

As a 6, JEN’s Personality is of loving service.  It radiates the colors of peach, scarlet, and heliotrope.  It sings the musical note of F.  There are many gemstones and minerals that vibrate with 6: jasper, onyx, topaz, Herkimer diamond, and citrine.  The flowers are tulips, mistletoe, laurel, and chrysanthemums.  The symbols are the hexagon, cube, and six-pointed star.  Loyalty, idealism, responsibility, devotion, service, great love of beauty, social awareness, conscientiousness, truthfulness, and virtue are attributes of 6.

For centuries and lifetimes, 6 has taken care of us.  It has nursed us, nurtured us, loved and supported us on all levels–emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.  It tends to put everyone ahead of itself and be the long-suffering martyr.  This is the vibration that maintains the traditional standards, setting up rules and mores for the family and community to abide by.  It watches everyone with a caring eye to make sure they are all doing the “right” thing, and has a strong tendency to feel guilty about almost everything.

As an 11 (Includes all the qualities of both 1 and 2), JEN’s Destiny is to be a spiritual teacher, visionary, peacemaker whose desire is to illuminate the world with its vision of harmony and cooperation.  Colors are violet, yellow, black, white, apricot, and the gold from 2.  Gemstones are garnet and sapphire; flowers are violet and camellia.  The musical note is A.  The guardian angel is Uriel.

11’s want to balance the feminine and masculine energies, and in doing so, achieve balance.  And then go on to teach balance.  Great integrity, strength, and gentleness are needed.  11/2 yearns to be both an oak tree and a willow, and can vacillate between those two or lean more strongly toward one side than the other.  11’s power comes from its strong intuition.  It has the potential for being a great actor, easily wearing many faces.  This can be scary if it does not know who it is underneath the facade.  The two 1’s repeat “get real clear on who you are, live in honesty”‘ the 2 says “surrender your will to the higher Will and cooperate with life.”  This is what the 11/2 has to teach the world, and it can only teach from its own experience.  In the future, people will be led by teachings that agree with what feels right inside them.  Seldom does 11/2 fit into any model of what a teacher “looks like.”  It is teaching by what it does, not what it says.  When the inner voices are contradicting each other, it is hard to decide which to follow.  The 11/2 can be confusing to others, and more so to itself.  It takes great courage to “invent life” – an 11/2 is doing just that.  It is the vision carrier, carrying the dream.

Correspondences Of The Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra

Sanskrit Name & Meaning:  Manipura – Lustrous Gem

Associated Color:  Yellow

Location:  Between Navel & Base Of Sternum

Main Issue:  Personal Power, Self Will

Glandular Connection:  Pancreas

Associated Body Parts:  Digestive System, Muscles

Element & Ruling Planet:  Fire – Mars & Sun

Astrological Associations:  Aries, Leo

Associated Sense:  Sight

Incense/Oils:  Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont

Crystals:  Aventurine Quartz, Sunstone, Yellow Citrine, Topaz

Associated Animals:  Ram

Archetypes:  Functional – Spiritual Warrior/ Dysfunctional -Drudge

Societal Association:  Uniqueness & Individuality

Physical Dysfunctions:  Stomach Ulcers, Digestive Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Diabetes

Emotional Dysfunctions:  Oversensitive to criticism, need to be in control, low self-esteem

Sacramental Association:  Confirmation

Foods:  Complex Carbohydrates

Developmental Age & Life Lesson:  14-21 Years – Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence