Practical Guide For Vitalizing Your 7 Energy Centers

Gardner Jen: Getting Grounded & Forming The Foundation

First Energy Center:  Base Of The Spine

Physical Auric Body – Earth Element

As Earth is a home for our physical bodies, our physical body is the frame that houses our spirit.

Rooted deeply within Lady Gaia is the anchor of the physical body, Muladhara, (in Sanskrit, “root chakra.”)  The Muladhara Chakra opens downwards connecting us with the Earth.

The Root Chakra is concerned with physical needs and basic human survival.  It is the base (foundation) of our inner and outer development.  At the base chakra, we access the life-force that enlivens us both physically and spiritually.  The energy is the creative power of Spirit anchored in our physical bodies.

The base chakra represents the point where we connect with the world, with nature and with our environment.  Balancing the energies of this chakra is therefore fundamental to our practicality and effectiveness and wholeness.  Along with the soul chakra, the base also engenders the activity of procreation.  The archetype associated with the Root Chakra is The Earth Mother, universally associated with nourishment, caring and unconditional love.

The energy of earth is solid, stable and protective; it gives us shelter, food and clothing.  A well-grounded root chakra is abundant in vitality, security and longevity and warms us with a sense of calmness.  When this chakra is balanced, we feel connected to the physical world and our support systems are intact.

 Cultivate The Garden Within & LOVE The Skin Your In

Throughout history, gardening has been a familiar metaphor for self-cultivation and spiritual growth.

In order to grow anything in a garden, a lot of factors must come into play.

1st – Planting the seeds or flowers properly into the soil, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and ensuring adequate sunlight.  

Q: Are you tending to your own goals in the same fashion?

Getting what you want takes determination and positive vision to make that dream a reality. Do you believe in your abilities? Believing is a wonderful, powerful tool but it takes more than that. You’ve got to fight the elements, take good care of yourself, and dig down deep for courage in order for your seeds to be cultivated into success.

Make sure to get daily sunshine, air, and water which are the basics of life. Be vigilant in weeding out what no longer serves you (negative thoughts, people, or drains in your life). Fertilize your Soul & Spirit by aligning with your true Be-ing & Source. Enjoy the fragrance of life in full bloom!

Correspondences Of The Root (1st) Chakra

Sanskrit Name & Meaning:  Muladhara – Root or Support

Location:  Base of Spine, Between Anus & Genitals

Associated Color:  Red

Main Issue:  Survival/Physical Needs

Glandular Connection:  Adrenals

Associated Body Parts:  Bones, Skeletal Structure

Element & Ruling Planet:  Earth – Saturn

Astrological Associations:  Capricorn

Associated Sense:  Smell

Incense/Oils:  Cedarwood, Myrrh, Patchouli

Crystals:  Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Associated Animal: Elephant

Archetypes:  Functional – Earth Mother / Dysfunctional – Victim

Societal Associations:  Tribal Power, Family Identity

Physical Dysfunctions:  Osteoarthritis

Emotional Dysfunctions:  Mental lethargy, “spaciness”, unfocused mind, incapable of inner stillness, difficulty achieving goals

Sacramental Association:  Baptism

Foods:  Proteins, Meats

Developmental Age & Life Lesson:  1-8 Years – Standing Up For Oneself