Practical Guide For Vitalizing Your 7 Energy Centers

The Wheels Of Life

The word chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel” or “disc.”  Each chakra is symbolically depicted as a lotus that has a different number of petals.  The more petals the chakra has, the higher its frquency or vibration.  The ancient sages taught that the primal spiritual life-force (known as the Kundalini) is sealed within the chakra that is located at the base of the spine.

We can unlock that powerful latent energy through acts of love, service to life, meditation and prayer.  As the Kundalini rises along the spine, it activates each chakra along the way and causes the “wheel” to spin, the “lotus” to blossom.






Similar to the theory of yin-yang, the theory of the five natural elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water was an ancient philosophical concept used to explain the composition and phenomena of the physical universe. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of five elements is used to interpret the relationship between the physiology and pathology of the human body and the natural environment. According to the theory, the five elements are in constant move and change, and the interdependence and mutual restraint of the five elements explain the complex connection between material objects as well as the unity between the human body and the natural world.

The 5 elements are the different qualities of Chi Energy; the five different ways in which it manifest itself in the Universe.

The elements also manifest themselves in humans; linking us with the rest of our environment, with the cycle of the seasons, and with the hours.  The ways we respond, both physically and emotionally, to external influences, as well as to the forces of nature, depends on the balance of the elements within us.

Yin and Yang, in addition to their dual power, subdivide into fire, metal, wood, earth and water; known as the five elements.